Saturday, March 5, 2011

Confession of a broken heart

Afraid of what?
Afraid of losing you?

After all that you have done to me, i hardly feel the exact feeling of losing someone.

And why did i say so? 
Because you make me feel it all the time. Yes, all the time.

Enough is enough.
I can't barely take it no more.

Go on with your life. 
As for me, life must go on.

And please don't say you love and miss someone is you don't really mean it.
For God sake, don't say it. 
I know that its only words but those words do deliver your feeling as well.
But as for now, I just cant feel it no more.


CAHAYA said...

Sabar na..

Haula Hati said...


Sabar kan.
Kena kuat kan??

hamzah ian said...

nape ni... rilek2...

Haula Hati said...

sakit hati dgn dia. Tapi skang dah ok. bukan dah ok balik dgn dia tau.

Tapi dah oke TANPA dia.



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