Thursday, May 7, 2009

My heart has a mind of its own

My heart has a mind of its own
Right or wrong it's gonna do
Only what it feel is true
I'll follow it where ever it goes
Anywhere it leads me to

Maybe we wont always be together
Maybe this'll last a thousand years
Ain't nobody knows, and even if they did
It wouldn't matter now
I'd love you anyhow.

My heart knows what I'm needing
My heart knows what I'm feeling
It knows me better than I know myself
My heart knows what I'm missin'
All I have to do is listen
And listen well. . . .


MariaFaizal said...

Bila nak balik KL?

And, nice poem....

This is Mine said...

x tau lg la kak...
kalau farah balik KL nnti, farah bitau akak ek...

**taken from a song la kak... sweet je kan?? heee~


Anonymous said...

People always said that listen to the heart is the best... For me, I listen to others first before I listen to mine... It's better that way... save me and everyone from trouble...

lalala: been listening to my heart totally before... it doesn't went well... :(

CAHAYA said...

Ntahnye! Bila nak balik KL ni? Btw, Nice song!

This is Mine said...


xpe Kasih... semua tue mengajar kita untuk menjadi manusia yang lebih baik.

**smile Kasih!! :)

This is Mine said...


sume org tanye farah bila nak balik Kl nie mcm farah duduk kt kl lak sbelom nie... haha~

InsyaAllah kak....
kalau farah g KL nnti, farah inform ek..

**akak, rinduuuuuuuuu~ :(


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